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It's one thing to fall in love. It's another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.

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05:37 Jul 20th
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hello stonehenge,

hey guys. i have literally 2 minutes right now and i’m going to queue this so that it hits tumblr at a time lots of people are active… my hiatus is officially extended through august. life is insane right now. i lvoe you guys!

01:54 Jul 01st
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Oooo one of my friends is at Joffrey:)

really? what’s her name?

12:30 Jun 24th
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ily c:

i love you too c:

12:30 Jun 24th
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hey, hello. I just want to tell that I love your blog and u r fab babe <3

thank you so muchh


so, as some of you know, i’m currently dancing at the joffrey ballet school in new york city. i’m extremely busy and my queue just ran out. i probably won’t have time to fill it or be on tumblr at all in the next month, so i’d just like to let you all know that i am officially on hiatus. i love you guys, and see you in july!


doctor who // amy pond

Time and Relative Dimension In Space

04:45 Jun 22nd
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jlc,i'm at joffrey queue,

[3/10] female characters - Clara Oswald

03:27 Jun 22nd
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i'm at joffrey queue,

radnors asked: doctor who + faceless